Safe Ride Thoughts

Some things that you may want to think about for your ride:

  • Anticipate any problems that may occur
  • Prepare and pack for your trip(rain gear, tools)
  • bringing water
  • extra clothing
  • map of  traveling area (rally point in case of group separation) 
  • other items that might be necessary
  • first-aid kit  
  • charged mobile phone if possible (extra battery pack)

It is also important to make sure that your motorcycle is kept well-maintained.

 Check all:

  •  Fluids
  • Major systems
  •  brakes
  • lights

You should always use the T-CLOCS method to look over your motorcycle and make sure things are in working order. You cannot predict and prevent all vehicle failures and breakdowns, but you can reduce the risk by maintaining your motorcycle.

Always make sure you and passengers are wearing the proper protective gear and helmets.

1. Gear up
2. Stay in the comfort zone
3. Inspect your ride
4. Use your head
5. Watch the road
6. Find your happy place
7. Know the forecast
8. Make sure two isn’t a crowd
9. Brake for motorcycle and yourself

Motorcycle Safety Training

Offered by One of Our Own Members:   Jim Medlin

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10 Motorcycle Safety Tips Every Rider Should Know

Safe Ride Tip

Whether it's a quick ride to the store, or a journey cross country with friends, there are things you can do to ensure your ride is safe.
Roads are not always smooth,  but those bumps, potholes, breakdowns,  and countless other things are out there. The best way to avoid some of these issues is to be prepared mentally and physically to ride.  You can always improve your own safety, as well as that of your passengers and vehicle, by not only following the laws and rules of the road, but also by knowing them, and always practicing safe riding skills.